The Moharimet Leaf Key

You can use this key to identify the name of a tree by its leaf.

User Notes

First get a leaf sample. Then click on the key.

Hint: When you get to the answer page you will see a ?. Put the cursor on the ? and see if the answer matches the number on the back of your sample. A match means you found the correct answer. If there is not a match go back a few questions or start again.


This updated CD version
 for the Madbury Sugar Maples 4-H Club is in partial fulfillment of a Coverts Cooperator’s responsibilities.

The New Hampshire Coverts Project trains volunteers to promote wildlife habitat conservation and forest stewardship. The goals of the project are twofold:

  • To enhance, restore, and conserve habitat for the rich diversity
  • To increase the amount of New Hampshire's public and private land managed with a stewardship ethic

A "covert" (pronounced "cover" with a "t") is a thicket that provides shelter for wild animals. Modeled on similar Coverts Projects in other states, the name of the NH program symbolizes the Project's focus on wildlife habitat.

The NH Coverts project is sponsored by: UNH Cooperative Extension, New Hampshire Fish and Game, New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands, the Ruffed Grouse Society, USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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