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Welcome to the Forest Carbon Web Site!

The Forest Carbon Web Site provides tools and information for calculating carbon stocks and carbon stock changes in forests, with a focus on the United States. Carbon in forests can be divided into six different “pools”, as shown in the picture below. We provide tools, techniques, and links to data for these different carbon pools, and demonstrate how to estimate carbon stocks and fluxes at scales ranging from the forest stand, to regions, to the entire U.S..

Illustration of the six carbon pools in forests.

Toolbox:  How to estimate forest carbon from inventory data

    The Toolbox link provides auxiliary information for an upcoming publication entitled “How to Estimate Forest Carbon from Inventory Data”. The goal of this publication is to provide methods for calculating carbon stocks in forests based on forest inventory data, with an emphasis on data collected by the USDA Forest Service Inventory and Analysis group. Please follow this link for more information.

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